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Artist Statement

Art for me is about capturing the moments in life along the way. As I experience it, our days are a series of ups and downs, waves that you ride through. No moment is like the preceding one or the one to follow. You don’t know what is coming. I seek to capture something of that moment – a slice of time - a piece of a day. I hope to portray the feeling of a moment in its tranquility, its turbulence or its tension. 


I often start a painting by making big, bold marks as a dramatic underpainting.  Over time paintings are reworked to find a point of stillness.  It's that hard work of ‘right here, right now’ that takes me to the still point.  A successful piece portrays any of the myriad of emotions each of us, as humans, experience - everything from balance, to uncertainty, hope, tension and so much more. Just a glimpse - a moment - of those emotions put down on paper.

art headshot clayton 5 x 7 web 3047 from

Juried Shows

  • Glen Echo 52nd Annual Art Show, Maryland, September 2023

  • 24th Annual Wills Creek Exhibition of Fine Art - two pieces accepted, MD, 2023

  • World Making, Jen Tough Gallery, May 2023

  • Glen Echo 51st Annual Art Show, Maryland, September 2022

  • Twists and Turns, Capital Hill Art League, Washington DC, February-March 2022

  • Migration, Gallerium Arts, Canada, February-March 2022 

  • Wind, District Arts, Frederick MD, October-November 2021

  • Allegany Arts Council, 22nd Annual Will's Creek Exhibition, September 2021

  • Bridgeport Art Center, Chicago IL, July-August 2021

  • Jones Gallery, Kansas City MO, August 2021

  • Textures, Forms, Patterns or Shapes, Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach CA, August 2021

  • Maryland Federation of Art, Strokes of Genius 2019 & 2020

  • Maryland Federation of Art, Small Wonders 2019 & 2020

  • Flawed Abundance, International Encaustic Artists Annual exhibition, Newton MA. 2017

Shows and Artsy
  • Group show, Chroma Connections (6 women artists), Chesapeake Framing, Company, October 2023

  • Solo Show, Chesapeake Framing Company, December 2022 through January 2023

  • Pieces on Artsy through Jen Tough Gallery

Other Shows

  • Paint the Town Kensington, 2022 & 2023 (received Honorable Mention, 2023)

  • Pyramid Atlantic, High Five 2020

  • Art Hop, 2016 & 2017 Takoma Park, MD

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